Radar Contact 4

Important changes effective Version - IYP Users ONLY!

If you say the phrase...
    "Activate ATC Responses"
the following operations will become effective:

  1. If you are running down the IYP checklists, and Michelle asks you to obtain IFR clearance, you can say, for example,

      "Contact Clearance Delivery"

      "Contact Ground for Clearance"

    depending upon the airport's facilities. After going through the exchange with ATC and receiving your clearance, you answer Michelle by saying,

      "We have IFR clearance."

    This command will advance the checklist procedures, and contemporaneously send an Acknowledgement to the Radar Contact (RC) system.

  2. Similarly, as you run through the checklists, Michelle will ask that you request Taxi clearance. You can switch to the Ground frequencey by saying, for example,

      "Going to 121.0"

    or you can simply say,

      "Request Taxi"

    or any other permissible command as listed below. After obtaining clearance to the assigned runway, you advance the checklist procedures by saying,

      "We have Taxi clearance."

    and IYP will once again automatically send the Acknowledgement to the RC system.

  3. Once in flight, when instructed by ATC to change to a different controller, you simply say to Michelle, "Going to {FREQUENCY}". She'll acknowledge your instruction, then send the acknowledgement to the current controller, change Com 1 to the assigned frequency, and then contact the new controller.

    For example, if you are instructed to contact Seattle on 125.1, then you simply say...

      "Going to 125.1"

    and Michelle will take care of the rest.

  4. When ATC provides you with an Altimeter Check, by simply instructing Michelle to set the Altimeter, she will also send the Acknowledgement to the controller. For example, you can simply say...

      "Altimeter 2991"


      "Altimeter 1013"   (millibars)

    and Michelle will then send to confirmation to ATC.

  5. When instructed by ATC to change your airspeed, you simply say to Michelle, (for example)...

      "Airspeed 250"

    and Michelle will take care of sending the Acknowledgement to ATC.

  6. When instructed by ATC to make a heading alteration, you simply say to Michelle, (for example)...

      "Turn right heading 345"

    and Michelle will once again take care of sending the Acknowledgement to ATC.

  7. Likewise, when instructed by ATC to perfect an altitude change, you simply say to Michelle, (for example)...

      "Climb and maintain 8,000"
      "Climb and maintain Flight Level 250"
      "Descend and maintain Flight Level 070"
      "Descend and maintain 6,000"

    and Michelle will take care of sending the Acknowledgement to ATC.

  8. Okay... you've made a problematic approach! You're about 800' AGL and it's NOT looking good! That's when you say...

      "Execute going around"

    Michelle will set the airspeed to the 'going around airspeed' for the particular aircraft, pull up the gear (assuming they're retractable), retract the flaps to their up and trim position, disconnect all of the ILS approach stuff (if active), then arbitrarily set the altitude to climb to an altitude 2,500 above the runway elevation. Then, she'll contact ATC to announce that you're...

      "Going Missed"

To turn this feature OFF, say, "Deactivate ATC Responses"

NOTE: The ATC Acknowledgement mode of operation is "remembered" between start ups. Whenever this feature is in use, your Co-Pilot will say...
    "ATC Acknowledgement is active."
when you start IYP.

List of Radar Contact 4 Voice Commands

Emits Keys CTRL+SHIFT+0
Select zero
Main menu

Emits Keys CTRL+SHIFT+1
Select one
Acknowledge and contact
Clearance delivery, ready to copy
Choose landing mode
Contact approach
Contact clearance delivery
Contact control
Contact delivery
Contact departure
Contact (the) destination tower
Contact ground
Contact next control
Contact tower
Delivery ready to copy
Direct to waypoint
Next control
Monitor tower
Ready for departure
Request taxi
Request vectored approach
Tune to the tower

Emits Keys CTRL+SHIFT+2
Select two
Abort take off
Declare rejected takeoff
Declare aborted takeoff
Flight critique
Get local ATIS information
Get weather briefing
Going missed
Missed approach
Reject take off
Request departure runway
Request push and start
Request runway
Request runway for departure
Request to leave frequency for weather
Request visual approach
Request weather

Emits Keys CTRL+SHIFT+3
Select three
Contact ground for clearance
End radar contact
Get clearance
Ground ready to copy
Notam on course
Request P D descent
Request return to airport

Emits Keys CTRL+SHIFT+4
Select four
Clearance by F F S
Declare emergency
Request higher
Request I A P approach
Wind check

Emits Keys CTRL+SHIFT+5
Select five
Clearance en route
Clearance in air
Contact ground for push and start
Field in sight
Request landing runway
Request lower
Request runway for landing

Emits Keys CTRL+SHIFT+6
Select six
Unable to comply

Emits Keys CTRL+SHIFT+7
Select seven
Acknowledge hand off
Acknowledge I F R clearance
Cleared for take off
Cleared to land
Cleared to {WAYPOINT} as filed
Copy {FLIGHTNUMBER}   (e.g. "Copy 1123")
Copy {AIRLINEATC} {FLIGHTNUMBER}   (e.g. "Copy Speedbird 1123")
Expect vectors runway {RUNWAY}
Line up and wait
Position and hold
Read back clearance
Ready to copy
Taxi into position and hold
Taxi to the ramp
Taxi to and hold short of
Traffic in sight

NOTE: To get {AIRLINEATC} and {FLIGHTNUMBER} ask, "What is our callsign?"

NOTE: The {AIRLINEATC} and {FLIGHTNUMBER} information is derived from the simulator's aircraft data... NOT from Radar Contact.   In Project Magenta installations, the information is pulled from the External Cockpit panel settings.

Emits Keys CTRL+SHIFT+8
Select eight
Previous menu

Emits Keys CTRL+SHIFT+9
Select nine
Select niner
Next menu

Over to next controller

Display flight plan

Please repeat instruction
Repeat instruction
Repeat last instruction

Save radar contact

Set nav frequencies

Hand back communications
Take over communications

Hand back plane
Take over plane

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