Blind Pilot Support

Blind and Visually Impaired (BVI) people enjoy the hobby and thrill of flight simulation.

Do you believe that being blind prevents you from experiencing the thrill of flight simulation? Think again! You too can use Microsoft’s Flight Simulator and take to the skies!

You too can take up this hobby that so many people enjoy, where you can learn more about the art of flying and earn your wings!

It's Your Plane (IYP) is a flight simulation add-on application that works with Microsoft’s Flight Simulator programmes, to enable anyone to control a flight from pre-flight to shut down, just by using his or her voice.

Many BVI registered users are now regularly flying with IYP. They have proved that it can be done – so why not try it for yourself?

How does it work?

IYP hosts an interactive virtual co-pilot (you can choose Mike or Michelle) who listens to your commands and performs all the necessary manoeuvers to fly the aircraft. Your co-pilot also talks to you and walks you through any or all of the IYP flight checklists, just like real pilots.

IYP works with Microsoft Flight Simulators 2004 and FSX, on XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Below you will find a few links to information specifically designed for BVI pilots.

Site Map – Perhaps you can find things more easily this way.

BVI Flight Tracker – a static version of the IYP Flight Tracker with a manual refresh link.

IYP-VA Flight Schedules – static version of the IYP-VA Flight Schedules with a manual refresh link.

Ten Basic Rules for BVI Pilots – IYP operational rules that specifically assist BVI pilots.

User Manual (BVI) – in Word format.

Flight Deck Doc (BVI) – in Word format - a supplement to the IYP User Manual.

Abbotsford Times Article entitled - Flying blind no more!

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