Co-Pilots Michelle and Mike Ready to Help You!

Extended Help
When you first use IYP, the system is preset to Extended Help mode, especially equipped for the new FREE users. Whenever you call for your First Officer (FO) (Michelle/Mike) to execute the Checklists, he/she will call for a checklist item like, “Parking Brakes On." If you do not respond in a timely manner the FO will ask again. If there's still no response from you the FO will automatically extend HELP.

Nag Delay
The amount of time that elapses before your FO automatically extends help, is nominally set to 10 seconds. For some users, this can be considered a short delay. Therefore, you can change the Nag Delay by say, e.g....
    "Make the nag delay 10 seconds"
    "Make the nag delay 15 seconds"
    "Make the nag delay 20 seconds"
    "Make the nag delay 30 seconds"
    "Make the nag delay 45 seconds"
    "Make the nag delay 60 seconds"

Normal Help
You can switch from Extended Help, to Normal Help by saying, "Extended Help OFF." In this mode, whenever you call for your First Officer (FO) (Michelle/Mike) to execute the Checklists, he/she will call for a checklist item like, “Landing Lights On." If you do not respond in a timely manner the FO will ask again. If there's still no response from you the FO will say, "Captain... Can you not hear me? If you need help, just say, 'Please help me.' " In other words, help is NOT automactically offered.

Checklist Help
There is an enormous amount of built-in audio help in the IYP application. Whenever your First Officer (Co-Pilot) asks you to respond to a checklist item and you have forgotten how to deal with it, simply say, ”Please help me” or “I need help.

Operational Help
When your First Officer asks...
    "Do you want me to perform the take off and climb out checklists?"
and you respond with...
    "Yes please."
he/she will then ask...
    "Do you want me to assist you?"
      If you say, "Yes please", or "Affirmative", then your First Officer will help you with the takeoff and climb out phase by automatically pulling up the gear, retracting the flaps, switching on the auto-pilot, etc.

      If you respond with, "Negative", or "No thanks", then you'll be flying on your own! However, your First Officer will still call out the V1, Rotate, V2 speeds during takeoff, operate the Seat Belt signs during the flight, call out the 1,000, 500, 400, 300, etc. on approaches, operate the GPWS and continue to provide other suggestions throughout the flights.

What Are The Window Names?
Did you know that you can ask Michelle for the window names by saying, "What are the window names?" She will read them out for you. You need to know these names in order to say, for example, "Bring up the Radio Stack", or "Get rid of the Throttle Quadrant", “Display the Overhead Panel", etc.

Another perfect segue to the next topic...

Window Names in Non-English Simulators!

"Bring up the Planche radio." Huh?

The two phrases "Bring up the [window name]" and "Get rid of the [window name]", or "Kill the [window name]" that are used to open and close windows will cause problems for those of you who are not running an English version of the Flight Simulator; except for GPS. Why? Because the It's Your Plane (IYP) system "reads" the PANEL.CFG file of the selected aircraft for the window names.

For example, in the English system, when flying a Cessna C172, the window names are:

    Main Panel, Radio Stack, GPS, Annunciator, Compass, Mini Panel
In a French system using the same example, the window names will be:
    Tableau de bord principal, Planche radio, GPS, Tableau de signalisation, Compas, Mini tableau de bord
So, if a person using a French system says "Bring up the Annunciator", it will FAIL. If they say, "Bring up the Tableau de signalisation", it MIGHT work... probably not! Therefore, since Michelle speaks English, those of you who possess non-English systems may wish to change the Window Names in the PANEL.CFG files of your favourite aircraft to use English names for the windows. It won't adversely affect the flight simulator.

Here's an example. In the PANEL.CFG file, change this:

    [Window Titles]
    Window00=Tableau de bord principal
    Window01=Planche radio
    Window03=Tableau de signalisation
    Window05=Mini tableau de bord
to this:
    [Window Titles]
    Window00=Main Panel
    Window01=Radio Stack
    Window03= Annunciator
    Window05=Mini Panel
If you require assistance with any of the translations, ask other IYP simmers on the IYP support forum.

Operational Modes
Restart Cold and Dark
Use the phrase “Restart cold and dark” to cause the IYP system to reset the aircraft. Depending upon the particular aircraft, various switches and settings will be reset. In addition, the doors are automatically opened to welcome passengers and/or crew.

Quick Start Mode
A number of users asked to suppress start up phrases like:

    "Hi, my name is Michelle. I will be flying along side you today."
    "Good morning Captain Robert."
To activate the Quick Start feature, simply say,
    "Activate Quick Start Mode."
With this activated, the greetings are suppressed. To deactivate the Quick Start feature, say,
    "Deactivate Quick Start Mode."
Personally speaking, I prefer to listen to Michelle or Mike greeting me and telling what they're about to do; however, "’One man's favourite aircraft is another man's lead balloon!’"

Advanced Mode
Irrespective of the above Help Level you've selected, if you say...

    "Activate Advanced Mode"
the IYP system will not only minimize the Help, it will also virtually eliminate the "read back," or "echo" of the commands by the First Officer. For example, under Extended or Normal Help levels, if you say,
    "Battery Master Switch ON"
the FO will flip the switch, then confirm the action by reading back the action taken; (to wit)
    "The Battery Master Switch is ON"
Naturally, these "echoes" take time to work down the checklists.

By contrast, if you say,

    "Battery Master Switch ON"
with the Expert Mode turned ON, the FO will flip the switch and jump to the next item on the checklist, thereby speeding up the checklist adherence. Of course, I wouldn't suggest that you use this mode until you're really familiar with the IYP checklist sequences!

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