Important General Considerations and Information

Manually Opening and Closing the ATC Window:

You can open and close the ATC window by saying the phrase...

    Toggle ATC

Addressing the Departure Airport Traffic:

When the It's Your Plane programme launches, and any of the following conditions prevail:

  1. You are flying Free-Flight without a filed flight plan and there is no airport Tower
  2. You have created a VFR flight plan and there is no airport Tower
  3. You are departing from a Water based airport, even with a filed IFR flight plan
then Michelle will tell you how to address the local traffic by saying something like...

    "Captain. You can reference the local traffic with, Chilliwack traffic, or, Charlie, Yankee, Charlie, Whiskey, traffic."

If you missed the announcement, you can get her to repeat it at any time by asking her...

    "How do i reference the local traffic?"

Automatic Opening and Closing of the ATC Window:

Typically, the SuperATC application will open and close the ATC window automatically depending upon the point in the programme being executed. Some users prefer to leave the ATC window open at all times because it may reside on a secondary monitor. To accomplish this, UNCHECK the checkbox entiled:

    Pop Ups
on the SuperATC Control Panel that is visible by minimising your simulator. Keep in mind that the ATC window will then do whatever it normally does in terms of appearing and disappearing pursuant to the way in which you have the system setup. In other words, with the Pop Up un-checked, the SuperATC application will not be operating the ATC window.

Do Not Concatenate Phrases:

It is very important that you keep in mind that each of the voice commands issued by you are to be spoken as complete sentences or phrases. To illustrate this point, let's use the following description from the documentation:

As you approach the airport, ATC will say something like this...

    "Cessna 6 Charlie Mike"
    "You are 15 miles west"
    "Turn left heading 115."
    "Descend and maintain 2,500"
    "Cleared ILS Runway 7 approach"
    "Maintain 2,500 until established on the Localizer"
    "Contact Abbotsford Tower on 119.4"
You acknowledge the instructions by saying,
    "Turn right heading 115"
    "Descend and maintain 2,500"
    "Cleared ILS Runway 7 approach"
    "Maintain 2,500 until established on the Localizer"
    "Tower on 119.4"
    "Cessna 6 Charlie Mike"


    "Turn right heading 115 Descend and maintain 2,500"
as a single phrase. In other words, wait until you see the phrase "Turn right heading 115" appear in the Speech Bar, then say, "Descend and maintain 2,500", etc.

This takes some getting used to, but once mastered, you're finally able to talk to ATC.

Re-Mapping the Local Airports:

When approaching the destination airport while flying in the "Free-Form", or "VFR Flight plan" modes with SuperATC, about 40 miles out, Michelle will say...

    "I need to do some calculations. I'll be with you shortly"

Michelle is actually mapping all of the airports in a 50-miles radius of the aircraft, looking for information relative to the destination airport. If you need Michelle to repeat this process, simply say...

    "Michelle, map the local airports"

Not Enough Time to Complete Response:

You'll find that in some cases (as in the example used above), that you do not have enough time to complete the entire response, before the Microsoft ATC system begins nagging you. This is especially the case where the read-back is lengthy. Don't worry about it... just keep pressing ahead and add the phrases.

However, if you have made an error and the Microsoft ATC system continues to nag you (especially on an IFR flight) they may CANCEL YOUR FLIGHT PLAN. This is NOT good!

To avoid this, just say (for example):

    Abbotsford Tower
    Please repeat instructions for Cessna 6 Charlie Mike
    Abbotsford Tower
    Please repeat instructions for Pacifica 1123
which will cause the Microsoft ATC system to repeat the instruction.

IFR Flight Plan Cancelled:

If you're flying IFR, and because you failed to respond in a timely manner to the Microsoft ATC, they may CANCEL YOUR FLIGHT PLAN and put you in the VFR mode.

Now what?

Say to Michelle...

    "Switch to VFR Flight Plan"
then she will begin to assist you as per normal in the VFR mode.

You can even say...

    "Switch to No Flight Plan"
in which case you'll be back into the Free-Flight mode.

Of course, to change back to the IFR flight plan mode, simply say...

    "Switch to IFR Flight Plan"

Closing the SuperATC Programme:

You can close the SuperATC programme three different ways:

  1. Close your simulator and the SuperATC programme will close as well

  2. Minimise your simulator and click on the Exit Programme button on the SuperATC Control Panel

  3. Say either of these phrases...

      "Goodbye Michelle and thank you", or
      "Goodbye Mike and thank you"

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