Real-Time Flight Tracker of
Pilots Flying ONLINE ONLY
PIREP - Pilots' Log Book!

You can place you own IYPing image within signature areas of forums, on your Web pages to let people know that you're flying, etc. Simply use this syntax to insert the IYPing image:

Green coloured IYPings indicate that this Pilot has made a donation to IYP to help us defray the cost of maintaining our servers and assist us with further development. Thank you Green Guys!

New Moving Map!
When zoomed out, the map will automatically change its size to include all aircraft currently flying in the ONLINE mode. Pass you mouse over the icons to identify Pilot IDs and Names. Get a close-up view of a particular aircraft's progress by clicking on its icon. The map updates every 15-20 seconds!

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Entries displaying the letters BVI after the Pilot ID denotes a Blind or Visually Impaired pilot.

Pass mouse over Pilot to view User Name.   Pass mouse over Orig/Dest to see City names
Pass mouse over Cty to view the user's Country. Entries with flight status are actively flying.
The Column S denotes the user's operating system: X=XP, V=Vista, W=Windows 7.   Click
on Pilot Number to view the member's current flight data in the IYPing image at the top.

  TNX   in the Donor column indicates that this Pilot has made a donation to IYP to help us defray the cost of maintaining our servers and to assist us with further development. TNX

If you wish to speak with an IYP Pilot, and there exists a 4-character SelCall number in their tracking information, then click their SelCall number to send them an Instant Message indicating that you wish to speak with them in the IYP Central lounge.

Whenever you see an IYP Pilot Number listed below with a YELLOW BACKGROUND and the letter C under the column header Ch (channel), this indicates that the IYP pilot is connected to the IYP Central communications channel and you can speak with them using a TeamSpeak 3 Client application.

NOTE: You need to have the TeamSpeak 3 Client application installed on your PC in order to take advantage of this incredible facility. Click HERE for installation and setup instructions.

If you're an IYP Pilot in flight, and you'd like to speak with Robert, Lars, or any of the other IYPers who may be awake and online, simply say, "Connect to IYP Central" during the flight. Then, simply press the LEFT SHIFT KEY to speak with someone at IYP Central.