My Partner-Volunteers!

How can I possibly thank Lars Peter Hammer and Helen Cooper enough for their undaunted support, encouragement and suggestions over the years? Frankly... it's not possible for me to express my gratitude in a few words. Thank you both for everything you've done for me and this project!

BETA Testers

I would like to thank the numerous BETA Testers for their undaunting support, the sharing of their remarkable knowledge, their many comments, plenty of suggestions, lots of improvements, and last but not least, for their constant encouragement and excitement about the It's Your Plane and SuperATC projects.

I would especially like to recognise these fellows for their significant contributions:

  • Darryl, Canada
  • Jaap, Netherlands
  • JWB, United Kingdom
  • Josh, United States
  • Larry, Canada
  • Remi, Canada
  • Sérgio, Brasil
Thanks guys!

Special Thanks to Francois Dumas

Francois Dumas of FSAddon has been a staunch supporter and champion of IYP since inception. His marketing suggestions and support have been immeasurable. Thanks Francois!

Special Recognition of Pete Dowson

A very special thank you goes out to Pete Dowson for all the effort he has put into writing, updating and continuing to support the FSUIPC and FSUIPC4 interfaces - without which, this application would have been considerably more difficult to develop.

Please visit Pete's site: www.schiratti.com/dowson.html

Special thanks to Pelle F. S. Liljendai

FS-Interrogate is a program for people who want to create 3rd party programs for MSFS and in the process want to learn what data they can access through Peter Dowson's FSUIPC and/or WideFS. Please visit Pete's site: http://www.liljendal.dk

Thank You Paul Henty

I would like to thank Paul Henty for his FSUIPC .NET interface... that sure saved a ton of work!

Thank You Nico Kaan

I would like to thank Nico Kaan for his LevelD-FSUIPC interface... it's a beautifully designed, and well documented piece of software!

Please visit Nico's site: www.lekseecon.nl

Thank You Robin Shahan

Robin Shahan, Director of Engineering at GoldMail.com, has over 20 years of experience developing complex, business-critical applications. GoldMail is based in San Francisco and provides voice-over-visual messaging. Robin is a moderator in the MSDN Forum for ClickOnce and Setup & Deployment projects. Robin provided us with the code that enabled us to implement the It's Your Plane Desktop Icon. On behalf of all IYP users, I thank you Robin.

Thank You Lars Møllebjerg

On behalf of Pacific Feelings Media, the IYP crew, and all of our IYP users, I want to personally thank you Lars for making EditVoicepack X freely available to FSX users, so that they can significantly enhance their virtual reality. I encourage all of our users to consider making a donation to Lars considering his awesome contribution to our hobby! Regards, Robert

Thank You Remi

What can I say? You are always there to help me with everything! Merci mon ami.

Thank You Garrick!

Thanks a lot for creating the Hawaiin Tours... it's a pity you could not join us on most of these wonderful flights.

Thank You Clive!

Thanks a lot for creating the Cross Canada Adventure... Awesome task... Awesome job well done!

Thank You Mike!

I cannot thank you enough Mike for all the many, many hours you have vested in helping me create IYP Virtual Air!

Thank You Julien

Your help with the IYP Virtual Airline paints is very much appreciated! Merci mon ami.

There's little doubt that I have missed some special people in this list, because there have been so many who have assisted with IYP along the way. So if you do not see your name above, blame it on my old and failing memory! You can of course contact me and tell me who's missing!

Best regards to all,


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