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Blind Pilots' Project This is a project that is being continued, from a few years back, to enable blind and visually impaired persons to access flight simulators, and fly (either alone or with a virtual airline) to their hearts' content.

Carenado Carenado provides comprehensively accurate representations of the most famous planes such as Pipers, Cessnas and Beechcrafts. We continue to collaborate with Carenado with the aim of interfacing all of their aircraft with IYP.

Come Fly With Me Come Fly With Me is a perfectly natural extension of the It's Your Plane experience.

Family RV Family RV was incorporated in 1991 by Alan Cezar, brother of Robert Cezar, your IYP developer. Alan will offer a significant discount on RV Rentals to REGISTERED USERS of It's Your Plane. Need to get away? Call Alan today!

Florida Air Express Florida Air Express is a small regional airline operating in the Southeastern region of the United States. Our mission is to offer low fares, but reliable service throughout the Southeast. We service many cities through our hubs in Orlando, Jacksonville, Miami, and Atlanta. We proudly fly the CRJ-200, CRJ-900, and the 737-700.

FS Addon FSAddon Publishing was founded by François Dumas and Miguel Blaufuks in 2003, with the main purpose of publishing new and existing software add-ons for the Microsoft Flight Simulator range of products. Their aim is to provide additional immersion in using simulation by providing high-quality complete packages that do more than just add an airfield, a utility or an aircraft. They aim to provide ‘reality kits’ that are a combination of additional FS software and other things such as a storylines, navigational information, tools, etc.

IYP Tours From the numerous e-mails we routinely receive from satisfied users of IYP, we know how much you all enjoy the experience... and that makes us beyond happy! These completely unsolicited accolades have led us to develop and proudly introduce... IYP Tours!

Nico Kaan Nico's website is dedicated to a hobby: namely flying in his home built Boeing 767-300ER flight simulator. He travels the virtual skies of the world-wide VATSIM network, together with many other Virtual Pilots and Virtual Air Traffic Controllers. His simulator is based on Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and FSX with the Level-D 767-300ER add-on and Opencockpits hardware (IOcards) and software (SIOC). The Level-D 767 aircraft is interfaced digitally via Level-D's Software Development Kit (SDK). Nico has made a software tool called LEKSEECON that automatically connects the SIOC software environment to the Level-D SDK. This is a requisite interface to use IYP with the Level-D 767-300. Please visit his site.

PC Pilots Ireland I highly recommend this program to all, whether you fly GA or Airline aircraft, it is something Flight Simulator has needed for a long time. I suggest that you go to the IYP website, click on the Video button and watch a Cessna 172, a Boeing 747, or a PMDG aircraft being prepared for flight or actually flying, complete with the voices of the Pilot and Co-Pilot.

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