Real-Time Metar Reports

You can get the real-time weather reports for any airport that supports METAR data. For example, if we want the weather for Vancouver (CYVR), we would say,
    “Get the weather for Charlie Yankee Victor Romeo."
Michelle will respond with, for example,
“Weather for Charlie Yankee Victor Romeo, 1247 Zulu. Winds 050 at 4. Visibility one quarter mile. Runway 26 left, RVR 2000, variable to 2,400 and steady. Runway 26 right, RVR 2,400 variable to 3,000 and steady. Sky conditions, freezing fog. Vertical visibility 100 feet. Temperature –1. Dew point –6. Altimeter 3019."
Listen"Get the weather for Charlie Yankee Victor Romeo"
Listen"Get the weather for Lima India Romeo Alpha"
Listen"Get the weather for Whiskey Mike Kilo Kilo"

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