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Setting Up Radar Contact 4

In order to make Radar Contact 4 work with superATC, there are a few steps that need to be setup first.

On the main screen of RC4 press the “General” button.

You should now be presented with another screen that will give you several options.

Since in this tutorial we will be flying the Cessna 172, I’ve chosen the Cessna Call sign and told RC4 that it’s a prop.

I’ve also ticked AI Chatter as I like to hear the correct chatter from my AI – Note this is not mandatory.

Holding is set to off in order to keep the tutorial simple. If you know your ways around RC4 feel free to turn it on.

Deviations are just set to the default.

I’ve opted to turn on “Play Pilot Wavs” as it’s nice to hear how your spoken command affects RC4 – but if you feel confident you can turn it off.

Auto replay off – and like to acknowledge ATC myself.

Chkpy Ding is on – just so I can make sure I meet the conditions when crossing a waypoint, but it’s not necessary for this tutorial.

Interact with AI – Again, I use a lot of 3’rd party AI, and I like this feature. The rest is just default values. Clink OK and you should be back to the main Menu.

Now we need to set the keyboard key assignments in order to have superATC handle RC4 for you.

Press the “Keyboard” button. You should have a screen that looks like this:

Make sure that all the boxes are ticked and press Save. Restart your flight sim, and et voila, RC4 is ready for use.

Remember to turn off the voices in your flightsim – otherwise you would have MS ATC interfering with RC4. Simply go into "sound" on the right side of the settings menu and set voice to 0. Then go into "general" and uncheck "Show ATC Text". Enjoy!

Specifying the Origination Airport

There's really no need to specify the origination airport, because the software automatically recognises the airport where the aircraft is located before departure. However, there is nothing that precludes you from specifying the origination airport before departure.

In this example, we'll be departing from Chilliwack airport (CYCW). So, you will simply say...

    "Make the origination airport Charlie Yankee Charlie Whiskey"

Specifying the Destination Airport

Since we are flying IFR, typically Michelle will already know what the destination airport will be, however, it doesn't hurt to confirm this fact. In this example, let's say you've filed an IFR flight plan that will have you departing Chilliwack (CYCW) British Columbia, Canada and landing at the non-towered airport Nanaimo (CYCD) on Vancouver Island.

So, you will simply say...

    "Make the Destination airport Charlie, Yankee, Charlie, Delta"
She will respond with something like…
    "Roger. Charlie, Yankee, Charlie, Delta"
    "Distance 75 miles."
    "Airport altitude 91 feet."

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