Getting Started

Getting Started

Launching Radar Contact or SuperATC for the First Time

Each time SuperATC launches, your will hear the following:
    "Your are in the online mode... one moment please."

    "The system has been initialsed for a {aircraft type}"

    "SimpleATC is active", or
    "Radar Contact 4 is active", or
    "SuperATC is active"

followed by...
    "Captain... It's Your Plane... we're ready to go!"
Minimise your simulator to expose the SuperATC Control Panel.

You will note that upon initialisation, the system is (by default) operating in the SimpleATC mode.

Using the ATC Dropdown list on the Control Panel...

you can also select either the Radar Contact 4 or SuperATC modes of operation from the ATC Dropdown list.

When you make your selection for the first time, the programme will indicate that a local database needs to be created BEFORE the Radar Contact or SuperATC programmes can be run, because both of these applications require additional airport information... e.g., ILS approach frequencies, new runways, etc. Please permit the system to do so. It will take a few minutes to complete the operation.

Updating the Airport Database

A default airport database is downloaded during the installation of the SuperATC application. From time to time, you will hear Michelle say,
“We must download the airport data file. This delay only happens during set up or system upgrades. I will inform you when we are done. Please wait."
You can use the Update Local Airport Database feature found in the Options Panel to create/update a local database from your local data. Once the local database is created, the default SuperATC airport database is no longer used, except whenever a specifc airport's data cannot be found in the local database. Therefore, the default database will continue to be updated as normal, to provide backup for information that may be missing in the locally created database.

Update Local Airport Database

Minimise your simulator to expose the SuperATC Control Panel, then click on the Options button.

Then, in the Options Panel, click on the Update Local Airport Database button to create a fresh local database.

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