Set-up Parameters

Under normal operating SuperATC conditions, you will turn off the Captain's spoken words to ATC. In other words, YOU are the Captain, and when YOU speak, the only thing you will expect to hear is a response FROM the Microsoft ATC system. To set-up the normal SuperATC operating environment, you do the following:

FS2004 (FS9):

    Select Options > Settings > ATC from the simulator's main menu bar:

Then UNCHECK the “Use a pilot voice” checkbox.


    Select Options > Settings > General from the simulator's main menu bar:

Then UNCHECK the "Use a pilot voice" checkbox.

Getting Familiar with SuperATC

It is highly recommended that you leave the aforementioned “Use a pilot voice” checkbox CHECKED during the period when you are beginning to familiarize yourself with the operation of the SuperATC system. This will serve as a confirmation that what you said was understood and accepted by the IYP system. In other words, you as the Captain of the aircraft speak a given phrase, and the built in Microsoft ATC system will (in effect) “echo” your voice command. Once you begin to feel comfortable with the use of the SuperATC system, and you no longer need to look up expected phrases, you can UNCHECK the “Use a pilot voice” checkbox.

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