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Review by Roger Curtiss for Avsim
Review by David Lolley
Review by Larry Mudge
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Works With FS2002, FS2004 and FSX
XP, Vista and Windows 7 Platforms
ClickOnce Installer
Automatic Updates
WideFS Networking Environment

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Passenger Cabin Music
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Interactive Pushbacks
Real Time METAR Reports
Built-In ACARS/Pilot Reports
PIREP - Pilot Reports
Pilot Flight Time Activity
Cockpit Voice Recorder Transcripts
Settings Panel
Airport Data
CAT IIIc AutoLand System
Auto-Slew to Runway
Taxi and Air Speed Control
Air Speed for General Aviation Aircraft
IYP Push To Talk
CoPilot Intercom Microphone Switch
PMDG 737 Series Interface
Level-D 767-300 Interface
Blind Pilot Support

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