Introducing SmartStart©

  1. SmartStart can best be described as the IYP equivalent of everyone's computer Start Set Up, in which all the required programs and applications are programmed to load automatically each time the computer is turned on - except in this case, it's when you start It's Your Plane.

  2. SmartStart permits users to have IYP launch other applications, such as simulator(s), Radar Contact, WideClient, SquawkBox, etc., and is a feature that is especially useful for our blind and visually impaired pilots.

  3. SmartStart not only enables IYP users to select applications that automatically launch every time they jump into the pilot's seat, but it also allows them to select the order and the delay in which each is launched. Applications can be easily added or removed, and the order and delay in which they occur can be changed to suit the user's preferences.

  4. SmartStart can be used to launch up to ten (10) applications.

How to Use SmartStart
From the IYP main Control panel, select SmartStart. The IYP SmartStart window comes up with a menu item called File that becomes active when you press the Alt key; from which you can subsequently Exit after you have finished setting up your SmartStart entries.

How to use SmartStart

Let's assume that you wish IYP to launch FSX or FS2004, plus the Radar Contact application.

Start by entering FSX in the Application Name textbox. This is a free-form description and can be any name you chose. Then, either Double Click the Application Complete Path textbox, or Tab over to the textbox and press the Enter key. A File Explorer will appear. Use the explorer to locate the executable file for FSX in your computer. Double click the file name to make the selection. The complete path will be displayed in the Application Complete Path textbox.

Next, use the Open How dropdown list to define how you want the application to be opened. In this case, let's say we want it to be opened in the Normal windows mode.

Now, use the Open When dropdown list to determine when FSX should be launched. In the case of a simulator, we obviously want it to start immediately.

Finally, use the Delay dropdown list to set the delay needed before the launch of any application from 0 to 60 seconds. Once again, in the case of a simulator, we obviously want it to start immediately, so we'll set the Delay to 0.

Example: You may want FSX to be launched immediately (as soon as IYP is launched) and the Radar Contact application to be launched after a delay of 8 seconds of the IYP/FSX system becoming fully operational; defined as hearing Michelle or Mike say, "Captain - It's Your Plane... we're ready to go!"
Once you have followed the above procedure for the application in question, click the Save Data button.

Each application you enter is listed in the upper list view of the SmartStart window.

Editing and Deleting an Existing Entry:

You first highlight an entry by either double clicking on its Application Name, or by scrolling the list with the UP and DOWN arrows and then pressing the SPACEBAR on the selected item. The complete details appear in the textboxes below the list. You can press the Delete Entry button to remove it completely, or make any necessary changes, then click the Save Data button.

More SmartStart Information

If you routinely use both FS2004 and FSX, then you'll likely want to add BOTH simulators into the SmartStart service as we have shown in the image above. Now what? Which simulator gets launched first? Actually, it's left up to you, because after you launch IYP, the following pop-up panel appears...

You select which aircraft you wish to launch.

Using SmartStart in a Network Environment

If you are set-up in a Network environment, you'd likely have created an entry in SmartStart to have it auto-launch Pete Dowson's WideClient when IYP is launched. However, if you manually launch a simulator on the Client PC, SmartStart will side step the WideClient auto-launch procedure.

So, check out SmartStart... it's a very handy IYP feature!

NOTE: If you ever have to do a complete reinstall of the IYP application, SmartStart "remembers" all of your SmartStart settings and re-instates them in the reinstalled IYP application.

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