Testimonials - 195 and Counting!

Testimonials from Visually and Manually Impaired

  1. As a blind pilot, I want to thank you Robert for making flying possible for pilots like me, and helping me keep the happy memories my late mother introduced to me on my first plane ride alive. Flying is a lot of fun! Again, I thank you. Kind and best regards, Adam - Carson, California, USA

  2. I just wanted to say how awesome the IYP is And all the modification that have been made since year ago are amazing. Joesph - Green Bay, WI, USA

  3. I haven't been using Michelle but for only about a few days. I had so such trouble with her when I first started, I gave up and went solo. When I made the flight from Seattle-Tacoma to San Francisco the other day, I was amazed at all she did. Can't fly with out her now.......LOL! John - Kingman, AZ, USA

  4. Hey Robert. As a BVI IYP Pilot, I would like to publically thank you for having Michelle confirm that we have left the runway after touchdown. This has been missed. A huge huge thanks. Ron - Girard, PA, USA.1

  5. That fixed it, thank you Robert. Your support is the best I have ever encountered! Your making loyal customers at every turn, thank you for your dedication to us...your customers. David, Tampa, FL, USA

  6. Nice to hear from you again. I'm afraid the thank you should be the other way around. The work and hours of dedication you, Robert and Lars, have put into IYP, we who fly and have the privilege to be part of that should be thanking all of you at Pacific Feelings for giving such a great program for all of us to enjoy. The donation, which is just a token gesture to let you all know it has not been lost on all of us at IYP of your efforts to bring the best flying experience and enjoyment one could wish for thank you once again for all you have done to make IYP a pleasant place to be. Jack, Parksville, BC, Canada1.

  7. FSX is a great add-on to It's Your Plane! :-) Paul - Hamilton, Australia

  8. What a great piece of software... completly gobsmacked. Thanks. John, Wrexham, UK

  9. Thank you again for the outstanding customer support. I have played flight simulator on and off since I was approximately 7-years old. I have never had a better time using flight simulator than with Mike and Michelle by my side. I am current addicted to landing at KASE. Jason, Santa Ana, California, USA.

  10. More thanks to you Captain Robert. Here I am in British Airways 737 Simulator, I had an hours flying time just before Christmas, something which I would not have considered had it not been for IYP.

        I wanted to see a real life Michelle (Kirstie in this case) fly a jet. What a day it was! I was totally bewildered by the technology. The number of switches for example, made me feel dizzy. To see her fly that aircraft reflexively was amazing. Like I say, it's something I would never have considered doing had it not been for IYP. Equally amazing was watching the aircraft land itself on the second circuit we flew. Next... a flying lesson in a light aircraft. I'm a lucky boy. Cheers Robert, you've opened doors for me which I thought I'd never walk through. Tony, Dorking, UK

  11. Flight simulator is my down time. Nothing like relaxing, flying around and taking in the computer generated generic scenery. And let me say I have enjoyed it even more using IYP. It is definitely the best FSX addon out there. Neil, Glenmont, NY, USA

  12. Dear Helen, regarding my donation. There are many add-ons in the market for FSX. I have tried many of these add-ons and most applications have more bugs than functionality. IYP is great! A lot of functionality and when users find a bug it will be solved immediately! That's what I like... good customer support. I'm flying with IYP for 3 years now and it's a plessure every day. So why not doing something for IYP? When we all do this we can keep this great application running for years and we are all satisfied! Jeroen, de Meer, Nederlands

  13. Really enjoyed flying last night with the new Dash7. Did a couple of flights yesterday from cold and dark to shutdown and both worked very nicely. Might have to bring it out to a Come Fly With Me session. Regards, Graham, Holland Landing, ON, Canada1

  14. Your are all top notch in my books. What would we do without you’s. Keep up the good work. And a great 2013 to all. Jack, Parksville, BC, Canada.

  15. Thanks for the fast reply, it’s much appreciated! Customer service is top notch here and a breath of fresh air from most companies nowadays who just send you a generic automated reply. Larry, Haarlem, the Netherlands

  16. It works like a charm! Could not imagine flying without it. Excellent product – and now I’ve discovered – excellent service!! Soli Deo Gloria, Andrew, Orlando, FL, USA.

  17. Thanks for your help, great forum, great product. John, Leeds, UK

  18. The eagle has landed...it was the camera device that was causing the problems...thank you very much Robert...once more a scholar and a gentleman...now I will take a few practice days and then I am going to try one of those danged cross country flight thingy's...and may god bless all who fly with me!!!! Phil, Onoway, Alberta, Canada

  19. Thought you might like to see this screenshot I took a couple of days ago approaching St Kitts on Flight 216 of the Around World Trip. I have to say the Around World tour is great fun and even educational..........my geographic knowledge grows daily :-) Paul - Hamilton, Australia

  20. Great program all is working well and am really enjoying using it. It has made FSX so much more enjoyable. - Larry, Chilliwack, BC, Canada

  21. Thank you very much for the best most timely support, certainly for any FS product, and most likely for any support issue I’ve ever encountered. I look forward to joining the come fly with me sessions again soon. Thanks again. Dave - New Bern, NC, USA

  22. Hi Robert. I keep receving your e-mails about new revisions. Its incredible what you have done. The early versions are nothing compare to the new ones. I would really like to thank you and congratulate you. Thanks to IYP i'm still flying. MUCHAS GRACIAS. Alberto - Mexico City, Mexico1

  23. Hi to all. This student pilot just broke five figures in his IYP-VA bank account. Also, for our leader pilot Robert, I flew flight 226, I love the new random voice message from the little english lady. The ground crew had to load the passenger's luggage by hand and ripped a few bags. Just can't wait for the next surpirse that Robert throws into IYP for we BVI pilots. [GRIN] Best to all. Regards, "Blind Pilot". Ron - Girard, PA, USA.

  24. Hi Robert. I'm astonished that you actually knew the aircraft i was flying. Yes, it was a British Airways 737 800. I changed the cfg file back to the default aircraft, and it works like a dream. I'm amazed how your system can detect a problem and quickly resolve it. Wow. Thank you so much. I love this programme! It's truly amazing and makes my sim experience outstanding. Joseph - Glasgow, UK

  25. Time and time again, the folks at IYP prove to be the brightest stars throughout the sim world. It seems that often when seeking help or a discussion on many other sites, it can be wrought with impatience and rudeness. I have never (ever) experienced anything but kind and energetic helping hands here ay IYP. What a great bunch! What a great place to enjoy simming. Sincerely, Mark - Highland, WI, USA.

  26. I am running FSX and radar contact. Everything works great - awesome program - wish I had picked it up earlier. Jay - - Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

  27. Robert, Having just finished the world tour, I just wanted to say that it was a great adventure. It reminded me of some of the places that I had actually been to with the Canadian Forces and Holidays throughout the World. Great Job Robert and keep up the good work. Cheers Karl - Parksville, British Columbia, Canada - IYP Pilot # 10886

  28. Your unwavering support for us IYP users is legendary. Paul - Hamilton, Australia

  29. We in the Blind and Visually Imapired (BVI) community have you to thank for this new legal adiction. IYP-Virtual Air really has me adicted to flying. Now, all I need to do is find the time to fly around getting other things done in the real world as well. [GRIN] Ron, Girard, PA, USA. 1

  30. I do want to thank you for the help, and I would like to compliment you on this fine software. You did a great job. I’m looking forward to using it with my sim. As a real pilot who can’t fly anymore, I hope to use it with the aircraft I used to fly. George - Lawton, OK, USA.

  31. Hey Robert. You've really been busy getting Version out to us. I just want to say a big thank you for all your continuing support and to strongly reaffirm that IYP is the absolute BEST FS addon ever. In the first place the inspiration to create IYP was a touch of brilliance, but it shines even brighter because of your positive support and understanding. I don't really think I can quantify how much pleasure IYP has added to my FS enjoyment. Paul - Hamilton, Australia

  32. Robert, my thanks (and congrats) for a truly wonderful program. My flight sim enjoyment dates back to the subLogic days and through ProPilot, Flight Unlimited and all of the MS versions. I can honestly say that after purchasing your program this past weekend my enjoyment of FSX is through the roof and one of the best addon purchases I have made! I was impressed with not only your loyal customer comments but your outstanding support in the forums. THANK YOU! Paul - Franklin, TN, USA

  33. I want to thank you for the personal care and support you have given to me since my purchace. I am truly inpressed. Thank You. Glenn - Quincy, MA, USA.

  34. Regarding you thanking me for helping you with the BETA testing. It’s we who should be thanking you since you’re the only one trying to make flying accessable for BVI pilots and it also should be we who thank you since not to many sighted people want to try and see things from a blind person’s point of view. Ron - Girard, PA, USA

  35. Robert - Thank you again for the Trip around the World. I flew into Bhutan this morning – spectacular! I use the ‘round the world trips as a vehicle for playing with the Carenado planes, and picked the Piper Seneca for this one – not realizing I would have to fly right at the rated ceiling! Some sweaty palm moments finding the gaps between the peaks, but managed to do it. The views coming into that airstrip, as well as having to manage altitude pretty aggressively, made it a very memorable flight. Without your putting this itinerary together, I doubt I ever would have tried it. Thank you! Rowland - Raleigh, NC, USA

  36. Hi Robert, I found that IYP is getting easier to use than ever before! Michelle and the others respond quite rapidly even after one TTS Voice Training Session! WOW! I am impressed by this; also, I have noticed the use of the voice commands much easier too. Thanks for all the hard work you have put into this awesome program. I am very grateful to have such a fantastic virtual copilot program and then some. Thank you again Robert! Garrick - Windsor, Ontario Canada.

  37. I’m finally getting the hang of flying with IYP and using SuperATC. You and your team have developed awesome applications and I, as a blind pilot, truly appreciate the effort. I am loving my new hobby. Stephanie - Sacramento, California, USA

  38. You have created far more than a product; you have created a community and enhanced my time in the sim immensely, to the point where flying without Michelle and being connected to IYP feels hollow. Rowland - Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

  39. Thanks again Robert and thank you for a great product that really enhances our our hobby. Chris - Shrewsbury, UK

  40. Once again, I LOVE THIS ADDON!!! Nicholas - Titusville, Florida, USA

  41. I cannot begin to imagine the amount of hours that have gone into creating, maintaining, and improving upon IYP. I have not been able to spend as much time as I wanted with it but, the time i do have has been most enjoyable. Thanks for a remarkable and fun program. Regards, Steve - Vernon, BC, Canada

  42. No wonder why everyone on the forum is mentioning that you sir, have an extraordinary support to your customers. Well you already added another person to your forum. :) Can't wait to purchase the software. Sincerely, Remy - Beirut, Lebanon

  43. Robert, you have always given me such excellent support over the years. I would like thank you for designing such a fantastic product, I have seen IYP grow from under 1mb to over 3.7mb since October 2007. Your dedication and desire to grow IYP knows no bounds for which I am sure we are all very grateful. Kindest regards, Paul - Alicante, Spain

  44. You guys, this site (IYP) along with the program is awsome. Best add-on to FS I have seen or used. I wont be able to fly without now. Especially with Michelle by my side. Craig - Watsonville, CA, USA1

  45. I have to admit, flying without IYP just doesn't feel right anymore -- it's seems so primitive to have to reach over and tune the transponder myself instead of telling Michelle to "squawk 5422"! - Rowland - Raleigh, NC, USA

  46. I have been a member of various VAs' since the late 90s' logging over a thousand hours of flight time but I must admit, when it comes down to a 'realistic' VA, then IYP-VA must be rated at the top. Well done for all your good work. Steve - Leeds, UK

  47. Hi again Robert, and good morning as is in the UK. Just to let you know that your help got me up and running again. Many thanks for that and I would like to say I have only just purchased IYP and am still learning. I wish I had got it a long time ago as I'm retired and it keeps me occupied. Again many thanks. Yours truly, Alan - Petersfield, UK

  48. Robert. Thanks again for your support during my time of illness. It's so much appreciated. People have no idea what a kind word can do for you when your sick. Thanks again. Kevin - Kearny, New Jersey, USA

  49. What a fantastic piece of software this is, worth every Cent!! At last, a piece of software which transcends the boundaries, and tears up the rule book. A main stream game which I can enjoy with my sighted counterparts, equally!! Although I applaud the efforts of developers who take the trouble to code accessible games, IYP really is in a class of its own. I liken yourself and Robert to the trail blazers at Apple, they tore up the rule book with their IOS devices building in accessibility as standard, now you’ve done likewise. Christmas really has come early this year. Cheers, Tony - Dorking, UK

  50. I want to thank you and all the development team at IYP for creating such a great program.It is definitely a great help to those of us who are not pilots, but would like to be. David - Orlando, Florida, USA

  51. A lot of us big and small, short and tall are forever thankful for having IYP as a very integral and important part of our simming. I have a feeling IYP-VA is going to become a very busy place. One of these days if ever you are caught sitting still, I would love to simply shake your hand and say thanks. Pilot# 11207 - Mark - Highland, Wisconsin, USA

  52. I love IYP. I have been away from it for awhile but really getting back into it now with RC4. John - Mesa, Arizona, USA

  53. I just purchased the full version .. Awesome work and what a wonderful program . My VA flights are never going to be the same again .. Great Job. Steve - Australind, Australia.

  54. Thanks again for creating a very cool “world,” not just a “product!” Best... Rowland Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.

  55. I really appreciate all the blood sweat and tears you've expended in putting this whole Fly Around The World adventure together. It's beautifully done; even down to the commentary on the download page. Take a bow... and encore... standing ovation! Paul - Hamilton, Australia.1

  56. The reason I made a donation, and will encourage others to do so, is because you and Lars don't 'sit on your laurels.' You guys work! I admire that. IYP has remained under constant development and I am actively looking forward to when I can participate again. In the meantime, I wanted to offer a token of my appreciation for what you and Lars do. It is written... 'A worker is worth his wages.' Take care, Calvin - Lorena, TX, USA.

  57. Some months back I was involved in a private track testing incident that damaged nerves rendering my arms to peripheral idiots. Sure puts a dampner on fun! Robert personally took the time to ask why I was unable to sim and provided the Blind and Visually Impaired (BVI) solution. I never knew about this IYP optiom. Well that simple little act of caring and concern for basically a stranger (and just one of many, many other customers) just blew me away. I think IYP is such a great place to play because of the quality folks there, and Mr. Cezar really sets that standard. Robert... you are one hell of a person! A very personal thanks Robert. Sincerely, Dr. Mark A. Fitchett - Highland, Wisconsin, USA1

  58. I so appreciate the time and energy that has gone into making this program... just awesome! Garry - Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada.

  59. Thank you... what great service you have. Dave - Oglesby, Illinois, USA

  60. I'm looking forward to flying the world adventure. Michelle's commentary and assistance lends a degree of realism to aviation simulation which really takes it to the next level. Thanks for all your hard work putting this together - it really is a great addon. Simon - Melbourne, Australia.

  61. Robert has done a terrific job in how we can interact with traffic controllers 'out there'. It's almost enough to make flying addictive! Peter - Niverville, Manitoba, Canada

  62. I just don't know how to express to you how great IYP is and how much better it seems to get everyday. Thanks for bringing back the joy of flying FSX. I've been flying flight simulators ever since Bruce Artwick came out with the first flight simulator. Now I enjoy flying more than I ever have in the past. Thank you for IYP and all the great work you have put into into making it the best add-on ever made for MS Flight Simulator! Mike - Fayetteville, NC, USA.

  63. Congratulations on an amazing product – I love flying with “Mike” so much (see my stats if you need proof LOL) that I need to remind myself to take off without “him” once in a while to ensure I remember when to ‘gear up’! Thanks again for a great product, I’ll get another copy for my son who will get my PC as soon as get a new one for me. Until then I will keep spreading the word. All the best to Robert (who I can see online every now and then) and Lars! Cheers. Florin - Burlington, ON, Canada.

  64. The IYP program is one of me the most, if not the most, in-depth I have come across. The improvements over the years have been outstanding. Keep up the great job, and once again, thanks for the help! David - Annonymous Support Forum post

  65. Hi Robert. Just like to say thanks for all your help again. Love this program. Raymond - Montreal, QC, Canada

  66. Hi, Robert. I don’t know if you get this often enough, but I wanted to take the time to write to you and say thank you for answering my questions in such a timely manner. IYP has really helped me get as close to real flying as a blind pilot could get, and I appreciate the work you have done to allow this to happen. Best regards, Adam - Carson, CA, USA.1

  67. Thanks for everything. IYP is a wonderful program. Very powerful, and yet easy to use. Regards. Ole - Skaelskoer, Denmark1

  68. I really admire your support, best one since I've been involved in simming. Keep up the good work. Captain, its your plane, we are ready to go, time to enjoy!!! Thanks for everything. Juan - Cozumel, Mexico

  69. The Tour Designer - well done again Robert. Do you dream of anything except IYP? I'm totally absorbed by this wonderful product, but am still using it for VFR skin-of-my-teeth (well almost) flying, and for me the SATC facility, checklists and Tour Designer. These are the most important features right now. We all have our preferences, but when I get a little bored with all that, I'll set up my heavies and start some IFR. All the best. Stan - Vancouver, BC, Canada

  70. You have an amazing products, congratulations! Miguel - México City, México

  71. I am very excited. You have a great product and very good customer service. Thanks again! Jeff - Ferndale, FL, USA

  72. Hi Robert, Happy New Year to you. I'm sending this to say in these last two weeks I've actually managed a few short flights with IYP and the results have been excellent. One I had this afternoon was 100% perfect. So, thank you for all your hard work on this, and best wishes for the coming year! Best regards, Pete, Stoke-on-Trent, UK.

  73. As a blind pilot, I want to say that I really love IYP and sing it's praises! You have all helped me get as close to flying as I can that is, until this type of application may help the blind fly for real. The way planes are operating right at present, I wouldn't be suprised if this becomes possible. I am using the program to work towards my pilot's licenses in the simulator game. When I earn them, I'd like to send them to you and Robert as my thanks for facilitating this. Adam - Ruston, LA, USA

  74. Needless to say I was hooked on IYP and had to use it when flying the 747-400. I will be honest, your genuine approach to assisting me was a big influence on me making the purchase. Many businesses could learn from your demeanor. Brad - Red Deer, AB, Canada

  75. To all you fellow IYP addicts, just to say how lucky we are that we have a product run by a man who really cares to support his customers. The Beaver mod for FS9 was done on my request and it works really great. Thanks Robert. Much appreciated. Stan, Vancouver, Canada

  76. I appreciate the great customer service as usual!!!!! Anthony - Simla, CO, USA

  77. Thank you again. It is absolutely no fun to fly without your program. Please tell me you did not go through all this just for me. Thank you again. Devon - St. Brieux, SK, Canada

  78. Hi Robert, I can't believe getting such a quick reply and fix to my request which I posted just yesterday! You are simply a genius. Thank you so much and for your continuous effort to help all the simmers out there that use your wonderful product. Best regards, Rainer - Toronto, ON, Canada

  79. I want to thank you for your prompt reply! I think you do a marvelous job by the way. IYP is a great improvment for FSX ATC. I dont fly without it. Rolland - Trenton, ON, Canada

  80. Hi Robert. You know, I truly wished you lived in the same town as mine so I could buy you dinner and a round (or three) of your favorite drinks! :-) Thank you again, *so* much, for adding these new features to IYP at the speed of light! You’re the best! Rob - Port Crane, NY, USA

  81. I thank you for givng me the opportunity to realize my dream to fly. Take care, Robert. Best regards, Adam... a blind pilot - Carson City, NV, USA1

  82. I've been eavesdropping over in the IYP forum. I am always impressed with your manner and willingness to go the extra mile to help your IYP and SATC following. Paul - Orlando, FL, USA.

  83. I went for IYP primarily because of its SuperATC facilities. I had been looking for something which would make my flying experience much more meaningful than just pressing buttons and letting FS2004 take the appropriate action. IYP was the answer to my quest, and being totally impressed with the product, reviews, support and other features offered through your outstanding web page. Stan, Vancouver, Canada1

  84. Robert, I'd like to thank you very much - again. The plane worked well. You don't know how much I appreciate it. It's so nice flying with Michelle with the the Project Airbus A380 for FSX once again. Thank you. Ray - Lachine, QC, Canada 1

  85. By far the best support I've had so far with any software I'm using. Keep up the good work and thank you Robert. It's a pleasure to fly with IYP, and...

      If there is a problem big or small,
      The IYP forum's there to help us All

    Ben - Kampen, Netherlands 1

  86. Outstanding, Robert! So very happy to see full support for the Scout in IYP! :-) Thank you *so* much for making this happen. Thanks also for tinkering with the checklists functionality - that would be a huge help as that is one of the most important features of having any given plane fully supported by IYP. The other features are certainly nice too, but checklists are huge! :-) Rob - Port Crane, NY

  87. I gott'a say, the support for SATC is top level. Me wonders if you have a life outside of IYP and SATC! James - Tucson, AZ, USA

  88. Just to tell you Robert, that since I arrived in Canada 6 years back, I have NEVER experienced such excellent service for an excellent product with such care, devotion and customer attention. I'm not gonna ask what goes through your mind when you patiently reply to some of the silly questions I ask, but the end result is extremely satisfying, and that is the reason that I have such faith in IYP regardless of the problems I've experienced. I've learnt a lot since I've come on board. Thanks - Stan, Vancouver, Canada

  89. RE: Version - Robert you've out done yourself with this current up grade. The cabin announcements for starters is louder and clearer and now can be heard better. I love the refueling feature. I didn't test out the push back since you said in the list of rules for Blind Pilots that we should ignore that item unless you've touched on that feature as well or are thinking of it for the future. The new format for the flight recorders is also easier to find and to read as well. Also the auto announcements is also a nice touch and indicating the state with the cities is another nice way of knowing where you are flying over as well. I also tested out the get directions to the destination airport as well. Great. Ron - Michigan, USA1

  90. You are the first developer to take a flight simulator that is basically designed for the sighted and attempt the inpossible, by adapting it so that we who are blind may also enjoy the art of flight. This I thank you for. Ron - Girard, PA, USA1

  91. I love the program and cannot imagine how I flew before having a co-pilot. Pastor Aaron - Western Shore, NS, Canada

  92. Robert, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you- not just for unique program that, unlike many others for MSFS (and I've been simming since MSFS version 1), is truly immersing and well developed, but the incredible level of customer service, from the support you gave me to the email reminders on how to get even more from IYP. I was a slow learner and had a few "Windows moments" but I am now flying with Michelle and enjoying it thoroughly. Thanks again (and feel free to quote me on this!) - Pete, Tucson,AZ

  93. I enjoy your nice program. I have many programs like Multi Crew Experience (MCE), FS 2 Crew 2010, but i like yours most. Joop - The Netherlands.1

  94. Thank you for your patience, thank you for a wonderful product, thank you for your prompt contacts, thank you for your support, thank you so much. Kind regards Rick - Palmerston North, New Zealand1

  95. Congratulations on a great program. You put all the other so called 'live cockpit' addons to shame! Use that as a testimonial if you like - and that's BEFORE I get the full version! - Roger, Oxford, UK.

  96. Thank you again for all your hard work - IYP is an incredible addition to the flight sim world! Rob - Port Crane, NY, USA

  97. Today I've managed to do a full Cessna 182 flight using IYP and it's a blast!! Now I'm beggining to see the real return of investment! Thank you very much. Henrique - Baixa da Banheira, Portugal

  98. I must say, I have never had so much support for any software product that I have bought. Big cudos to you for your fantastic product and customer support. Helge - Albertslund, Denmark.

  99. Thanks so much Robert for instigating the "Abbotsford Fly-In" today. It was a great deal of fun and accordingly I can't wait for the next one to take place. Of course, that's not to say Clive, that I'm not looking forward to the next leg of the Hawaiin Island tour. You did a great ATC job Robert, keeping tabs on all those A/C would be like trying to round up sheep! Cheers from DownUnder! Paul - Elmhurst, Australia 1

  100. IYP is the best software purchase I've made this year, by miles. I thought I'd never get the hang of it initially, but where are we now, two weeks in, and I've flown a 747 from London to New York. I hope others catch the bug, as this software is in a different league to anything else out there that blind and visually impaired users can access. Tony - Dorking, UK

  101. From experience, I can tell you that you will never regret buying the IYP programme, as it is so much better than any other FS Add-on. This is a one of a kind piece of software. You will never fly alone anymore. And, as a bonus, Michelle/Mike will help you take care of the routine stuff, such as flipping all the switches and keep you informed of your environment, not to mention the checklists rundown. To tell you the thruth, I got addicted to IYP and I don't think I could fly without it anymore! Thank you Robert for designing this superb piece of software. I think all of us fans got to have this programme, because it has so much to offer and it's getting better day-by-day! Remi - Edmonton, AB, Canada1

  102. Thank you for this amazing piece of software. It has greatly enhanced the flight-sim experience for me. On a “down-side” I’m pretty sure this will end up in me spending a lot of money on flying lessons once I have emigrated to Canada somewhere next year, so thanks for that :) All kidding aside…it’s worth every penny. Bas - Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

  103. I must tell you that IYP and Radar Contact have turned FSX into a tremendous sim. I have about 1800 hours of real life flying but am no longer active. FSX is a pretty good substitute given the great add-ons such as yours. Best Regards, Neal - Danville, VA, USA

  104. Thank you. Man, I wish you ran some of my vendor's companies . I might not have dents in my head from banging it on the wall in frustration. Brett - Taylors, South Carolina, USA.

  105. Since I've started using this program, I can't imagine myself not using it. It adds a whole new level to the simulation feel. Walbert - Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

  106. Thanks to the IYP program, I am now currently flying with a virtural airline. So for all those other blind pilots out there, you have no excuses not to try it. Thanks. Roy - Danville, KY, USA

  107. Top job with this product. It's one of the best add-on that i can find for FSX. Just great work! Jarrod - Salisbury, Australia1

  108. Robert, there is a very good reason why IYP is the BEST software in the FS World - YOU, Sir! (You too, Lars!) - Ray, New Hampshire, USA1

  109. I am enjoying the free version, Robert. Thank you for making it available. It is indeed an outstanding addition to flight simulator. I can only guess how much time and work went into putting such a program together. The price is a little steep, but I will continue to use the free version, and who knows, one of these days I might just have to take the plunge. A.W. - Saint Louis, MO, USA

  110. I have seen a lot of positive comments in posts regarding your service and indeed it is all true !! Service is 50% of any product in my opinion and you surely show the confidence and dedication for each single customer all over this forum. That is Quality. That makes trial customers - buying customers. My honest appreciation for this. I will be a buyer for sure. Keep up the good work! Just been testing... what an awesome program! Ricardo - The Netherland Antilles

  111. My 2 Centavos... All of the prices have risen of late. Look at the prices involved with some of the other addons, especially aircraft. However, I made the jump and this has been so worth it. It makes even the default aircraft much more interesting to fly. Added to advanced payware such as the PMDG 737 it can make the whole flight feel real. I definitely do not regret the purchase, as this is ranks up there as one of the best addons that I have found. Value wise it probably is the best. Eirik - Rochester, MN, USA

  112. Hi Robert: Success. Everything went well. Uninstall, then reinstall, then interered the regkey, no problems. Took a short flight. Everything went ok. I want to thank you for your help. Harry - St. Charles, MO, USA1

  113. Best regards, and thanks again for a great program and all the work that you have put into it. Frank - Worcester, MA, USA

  114. I must say Robert, that your quick and helpful responses to problems posted here are really appreciated. Good software with good support isn't always that easy to find. My salute to you. Neil - Danvill, VA, USA1.

  115. I'm a blind pilot, but at one time in the past I used to fly the real thing. I love your program. It has given me back some part of my old life that I was forced to leave behind. I have a suggestion for adding an new aircraft to the hanger. By the way, I'm running FS 2004. How about a classic warbird like the P51 mustang. I bet there would be more than one pilot that would want to fly that puppy. Or even maybe add one of those classic world war 2 bombers. I know that if these aircraft were added to the hanger, I would fly them til the hobbs cracked. Well I just wanted to stop by and give you that idea, and again thanks for giving me back my wings. Roy - Danville, CA, USA

  116. I just wanted to say I have purchased a lot of flightsim products and this is by far the best add-on on the market today. Now with the interraction with Radar Contact it is more realistic and enjoyable than ever. I would love to see it compatible with more commercial add-ons in the near future. Keep up the good work guys! Frank - New Bern, NC, USA

  117. Best software I have ever used for interaction with my African accent... I love it. Stephen - Broken Arrow, OK, USA

  118. Robert... Thank You! Works flawlessly. You and everyone at IYP are absolutely astounding. Mark - Highland, WI, USA

  119. I am a software developer myself and truly appreciate and respect your passion for your software - it shows in the quality of your work. You're making a lot of virtual pilots very happy and have made a significant contribution to the aviation community with your efforts. You and Lars make a great team (his dedication in supporting IYP and assisting others on the forums is commendable too)... Keep it up, guys! Best regards, Rob - Port Crane, NY, USA

  120. I would like to mention that IYP has been one of my ’best buys’. Eric - Turku, Finland

  121. Thanks for your help. You are a very dedicated person and obviously very proud of your work, as you should be. I am pleased to know you not only as a vendor but as a friend as well. Wendell - Bristow, VA, USA

  122. I watch forums for many products that I might buy and often decide not to buy because of the lack of support or at least attempted support which I see people getting from various suppliers. May I compliment you on the efforts you put in to assist your customers and would be customers. Dilafin - Dublin, Ireland

  123. If you ever add more to this wonderfull programme, you'll have to charge for upgrades, because i have never experienced anything so nice and lively in a simulator to date! Remi - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 1

  124. I am another blind pilot enthusiast, who really is getting back into it after a year off because no software existed that I could use before It's Your Plane came around. I do want to sincerely thank you so very much for your efforts and your willingness to work with us who are blind and giving us the opportunity to fly and enjoy this awesome software. Mike, USA1

  125. I VERY much appreciate the lightning-speed turnaround on adding this feature! I barely got done clicking the "Submit" button with my suggestions yesterday and you had it coded only HOURS later! Whew... now THAT's taking customer satisfaction SERIOUSLY! Can you only imagine if Microsoft moved this fast on feature enhancements! I can't wait to grab the latest revision and will give it a spin. I'm sure many other virtual pilots will appreciate this new functionality. So glad I purchased your product - it's among my favorite add-ons and it keeps getting better and better! Happy Flying. Rob - Port Crane, NY, USA

  126. We all owe Robert Cezar a vote of thanks for the software engineering skills that created IYP and the entrepreneurial skills that made it available to us online for such a fair price. IMHO it's one of the best add-ons available for enhancing immersion in FSX. Cheers robert! . Ian - Dartmouth, Devon, UK.

  127. One thing that no one can deny, is that the whole IYP team, and especially Robert, are truely dedicated to this product. I'm a die hard supporter and never tire of saying how great this team is and what a great product they've developed for the community!!! Jerry - Cadiz, OH, USA

  128. I tend to be fairly 'picky' about what software I invest in (probably part the reason for my continuance with FS9). However, I only needed a couple of trial flights with IYP to see the real potential for a good investment! So it's really nice to see that I've bought into an application that has a great support team (very quick response time) and software that is continually developing and improving. Another die hard supporter here! Paul - Victoria, Australia

  129. Thanks so much for the speedy response! This program is such a wonderful addition to the flightsim community. You should all be proud of what you have achieved. Sean - Sydney, Australia

  130. I recently installed the free version of your software to try it out before purchasing it. The amount of work and imagination that has gone into it is really very impressive! And the immediate help follow-up is extremely reassuring. IYP is such a lovely piece of software. It does show that someone has actually taken the time out to sit down and think what the flight simulator fanatic really would like, and you've gone ahead and produced it. Congratulations on producing such an original and creative piece of software! Kindest regards. Christopher - South of France.1

  131. Your program is truly ground breaking, in my opinion. Not only for sighted folks like me, but for Blind or sight-impaired individuals? Now that's amazing! I must also tell you - Soooo many pieces of software that I have purchased through the years (many years, actually) have been a disappointment - at least to some degree - some very much so. Your software has the GREAT advantage of you, Sir (and Lars........and prob others whom I have not met). You are always there for us - helping, caring, guiding, responding quickly to our concerns - and constantly improving your product. This is a sorely lost ingredient in today's market - of anything.........but, particularly in software. So, BRAVO, Robert.........I wish you many, many years of creative enterprise. You are one a million. Ray - Hudson, NH, USA

  132. Here is another first! A program so that we who are blind and/or visually impaired may enjoy it too. It doesn't matter if you are blind or sighted. What matters is that you have the right additude and it looks like IYP has that willingness to try and reach out to their new customers. So from this blind pilot (and or shuttle pilot love to be) once again, I thank you. Ron Kolesar Blind Ham Radio station KR3DOG and Leader Dog Boz from Rochester Michigan class 0409. Matt & Ron Kolesar and their great Dogs!1

  133. You have a great product and I am a fanboy! Sam - Pensacola, FL, USA

  134. Thank you Robert! I did finally experimented with your software and I'm very much impressed with it. It will faciltate my flying for sure using the co-pilot to do radio and switches work. Regards. Robert - Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

  135. Thanks Robert. What a program you have made... it's fab! Printed loads of checklists off. Only just started, but I'm getting there... its great. Just got back into my flying again. Its better this time around! All the best. Robert Barry - UK

  136. I can just say that you have a major seller here on your hands. Awesome program. Good luck with this. I am sure it will be a huge success. Johan B - South Africa.

  137. I am now enjoying the It's Your Plane application and learning how to use it. Can't figure why getting Michelle to put the kettle on was ommited, but she does just about anything else.   Splendid application and definately on my shopping list. Mitch - Shrewsbury, UK1

  138. I really like IYP and wish it had been around many, many, many, years ago.. Just glad it is here now! Mike - Fountain, Colorado, USA

  139. Where do you find a company that takes such pains to support its customers, and seems to really enjoy doing so? I am indebted to your efforts and the trouble of actually making a video of this flight. Thanks Robert, this did the trick. Stan, Vancouver, Canada

  140. Thank you very much for the prompt reply. This is great support. Also, thank you for this very innovative software utility for FSX. The demo alone has made me a better sim pilot. Thanks again! Rich - Wanaque, NJ, USA

  141. Thanks Robert, I don't know how you find the time to answer all these questions and situations but as a consumer it's a breath of fresh air knowing that I can buy a product and not be left hanging for support. I'm not sure where your located but I would love to send a letter to your Better Business Bureau and PC Magazine letting them know about the great service you provide. if you get a chance please send physical contact information so I can include it in my letter. - Anthony, Eugene, OR, USA.

  142. First of all just want to say what an awsome program. I am handycapped with ALS and thought that my flying was done, as I can't use the keyboard. Now I'm back in the air. Thanks. Dennis - Bucyrus, OH, USA1

  143. A great program, which adds a new dimension to flightsimming! Thanks again for great support and greetings from Finland! - Aarne, Finland

  144. I really beleive that IYP is one of the best things that has happened in the Flightsim world for many years. Brian - Fleetwood, UK

  145. You guys truly are amazing and I'm so happy with this purchase! This had made FSX so much fun for me! Tom, Saint Charles, MO, USA

  146. You guys are a shining example to other companies in the way you take a personal interest in your customers' problems. Ian - Lincoln, UK

  147. I downloaded the newest version just moments ago and it works great. Talk about fast response to a question and providing a solution! All I can say is WOW! Jerry - Ledyard, CT USA

  148. I'd like to congratulate Mr. Cezar and the entire "It's Your Plane" team (Lars, etc.) - again. I did not think you could improve on version 3.14 of your "It's Your Plane" program, but you did. Version 4.1 is absolutely amazing! Thanks again for making my flight time with FSX so enjoyable. Ray - Southern NH, USA

  149. I really do appreciate the very rapid and personal response - if only the rest of the world acted as aviators do! Michael O'Connell - Chittenango, NY USA

  150. Thanks for the prompt support. I wish all companies were as helpful as IYP. Great team and brilliant software. Richard - Gosport, UK.

  151. Please keep up the brilliant work and you should be proud of your rapid responses to the questions from your customers. Other companies should hang their heads in shame when they ignore their customers but you are the benchmark that others should aim for. Stephen - Stone, UK

  152. I understand why on the forum you would want to know why someone decided not to buy IYP, but it's also important to know what you guys are doing right. After doing hours of research on the (so called) competition, IYP was the clear choice. Price, support, and functionality are fantastic. The only apprehension I had at first was the fact it was priced in Euros. The customer comments were my ultimate deciding factor. Great job on demonstrating what this program will do on the website as well. IYP is worth every penny..... or shall I say Euro! Thanks guys! Andrew - Wilmington, NC, USA1

  153. As an ICT worker dealing with a lot of software vendors and the problems with their software, I am not used to get such quick responses and solutions. Philip - Zeist, Holland1

  154. In all honesty, I think this is the best Program or add on that's been created for the FS Series in Years. Eric - Hamburg, AR, USA

  155. Thank you for your usual quick response. Your commitment to you product is really admirable and one of the reasons I bought it.
    Hugh - Puerto Princesa City, Philippines

  156. Good afternoon, Mr. Cezar........ Just wanted to say thank you very much for putting 'Command Confirmation ON/OFF' into IYP. Being the guy who suggested it, it was with the greatest of pleasure that today I saw it become a reality. Sir, I must say again, I have never seen a company so responsive to its customers as yours. BRAVO!!! Also, your program has changed my use of Flight Sim forever..... I now enjoy it as I first did - so many, many years ago. Your program makes FSX my favorite. I cannot wait to try the new 'commands' - maybe tonight!! Thank you again. My best to you and yours - Happy Holidays! Sincerely - Ray - Hudson, NH, USA

  157. Thanks for the support and congratulations on this awesome program. Juan Carlos - Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico

  158. Thank you Robert for such an amazing program. It's made my flight simming so much better. Jon - Huntingdon, UK

  159. In my opinion, if I could only have one addon for FS this would be it...IYP. It's worth every penny and more. Roger - London, UK

  160. Hats off to a great program that allows me to have a partner to fly with. It looks like we are all anxious for more add-ons and perhaps voices. You Sir have a Blockbuster Hit on your hands. Anthony - Colorado Springs, CO, USA

  161. I'm starting to nauseate my family, friends and coworkers by raving about how much I enjoy your IYP, but being non-simmers, they just sit there with question marks over their heads, wondering what I'm on about. Tom - Earlwood, Australia

  162. Thanks for excellent support and great product! Selcuk - Samsun, Turkey

  163. Thank you so much for your help and for such a wonderful program. I am a total addict. Wing Commander Peter Chambers - Derby, UK

  164. I can't thank you enough for the time and trouble you went to on Wednesday to help me with the installation of IYP and my helplessness over the FSUIPC difficulty. I am still training the speech recognition. Be assured of my gratitude over your patience to bring the program safely onto my machine. Peter - Bath, UK

  165. This is the best addon I have ever come across for FSX. I really love it and would recommend it to all and sundry.Tony - London, UK

  166. May i say that your instructions for using IYP are the best I have ever seen for any flight sim product... very straight forward easy to follow . Thank you. Alan - New Jersey, USA

  167. I am extremely impressed both by your software, as I have already said, but also by the rapid responses to my questions and the fact that you have handled them personally. - Ian, London, UK

  168. Your commitment to your products/customers is amazing !! Keep it up, that's not too common these days. - Jan, Birchleigh, South Africa.

  169. I'm enjoy IYP offline, I installed AT&T voices and am missing lots and lots of sleep with IYP, I LOVE it! - Des, Sydney, Australia

  170. Robert, thank you for your e-mail regarding your product. It's nice to be kept up to date. The idea that I could hand over the flying to someone else - so that I can watch the world go by - really appeals to me. By the way, congratulations on your support for customers in the forum. It is by far the most responsive service that I have seen, bar none. Regards, Ralph - London, UK

  171. Votre produit est vraiment très bien. Ça fait 27 ans que j'utilise FlightSim de Microsoft et je peu dire que votre produit nous rapproche de plus en plus de la réalité. Je suis vraiment impressionné par le support que vous accorder à vos usager. Je constate que vous adresser rapidement les recommandations de vos utilisateurs ce qui vous donne un avantage sur vos compétiteurs. - Michel, Montréal, Canada

  172. Your support in IYP is worth twice the weight in gold. Thanks for a great program. Bert - Vancouver, Canada

  173. One can get very addicted to that program! All the things I needed to find knobs, dials, buttons and switches for, is now smoothly performed by voice. And, my hands can concentrate on the yoke (or on my coca-cola can) when the autopilot is controlled smoothly by my beautiful singing voice. Excellent. Just too bad I can only fly the Cessna. But hey... that is the whole idea... yes? Want more? Then buy the thing! And I will. I cannot live without it. Darn it... another 35 bucks thrown into the Flight simulator hobby. Thank you very much for this. - Ole, Denmark

  174. Thank you. You have been great helping me through this. Thank you so much.- Mike, Nashville, TN, USA

  175. I am being spoken to by Michelle now and she is calling me Captain Randy……she is soooo sexy. - Randy, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

  176. I'm very happy now, because IYP is one of a kind add-on. Thanks again for your time and support. - Roger, Antwerp, Belgium.

  177. What a wonderful, ingenious idea. How did you come up with something like that? I really like the idea that I can have someone to talk to during the flight as this helps take a load off of my shoulders, especially on long trips. - Caleb - New York, USA

  178. Thank you Sir for being there with help when I needed it.   I thought I would give up on program after having problems getting the program to work.   You were there each step of way. (the best guide-you-thru service i have ever seen).   How could I ever fly now, without your Great program, never knew how much I needed my great co-pilot.   Thank You Sir for a great product and I will (and have) told others about it.   You walked me thru problems, Thanks.- Your Friend, Syney - Atlanta, USA.

  179. I wanted to come back into this public area and let any and all who may not have taken the leap and are reading this and finding their faith in this program questioned... Don't be.   Robert's support in this process has been above and beyond the call of duty.   As it turns out, my problem was from an earlier event before I even knew IYP existed   . I wanted to make sure it was known that neither IYP nor Robert are to blame for the initial problems I had.   Well done to the whole team at IYP! - Doc - Midlothian, USA

  180. I appreciate your efforts tremendously and Michelle is REALLY a wonder. A few years ago, Michelle would have been a pipe dream and impossible at this price and with all your work I hope that you are being at least slightly compensated and thanks for sharing. - Richard - New York, USA

  181. Congratulations on the creation of a great program.   I totally enjoy it.   I am so impressed with IYP. - Bert, Vancouver, Canada

  182. Great application by the way, and I dearly love having someone in the right hand seat! - John, Sydney, Australia

  183. I just installed IYP yesterday. I tried the first two Quick Start flights and I am quite enthousiastic. - Gaston, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

  184. I just want to say that this is an AMAZING piece of software.   And i have shown it to a friend of mine and I think he´s hooked too.   Kind regards, Gunnar - Copenhagen, Denmark

  185. Your program is fantastic! - Wilf, Ottawa, Canada

  186. I couldn't end the evening without reporting that I had two successful experiences with getting IYP up and running well. And that is just scratching the surface of what I have heard from you that IYP can do. I am pretty excited about the product and very grateful for your attentiveness, patience, and help. Thanks a million!! Pete - New Haven, USA

  187. Good morning Robert - Just bought the full meal deal as I am totally impressed with your program.   Have had fun flying with it.   So much to learn. - Rick, Toronto, Canada

  188. Everything runs very fine and it is a great fun to fly with this Addon.   Thank you for the Support and Greetings to Canada - Oliver - Frankfurt, Germany

  189. Robert, thank you for being so receptive and open minded to user suggestions. Many software developers today seem to adopt the "My way or the Highway" mentality, and although I understand that some suggestions made by users may not be practical, viable, or appropriate for the software, it's refreshing to see that you're open to new ideas. Thank you! - Mark - Etobicoke, Canada

  190. Hi Robert. Thank you for your quick response. Your support in IYP is worth twice the weight in gold. Thanks for a great program. - Bert - Vancouver, Canada

  191. One million thanks for the prompt response. With Michelle taking action as she does, the IYP program provides a whole new dimension in total immersion...it turns the experience into a close approximation of the real-world! Ron - Chicago, USA

  192. I owned Voice Buddy and I would like to buy Cockpit Chatter, but before I do that, I was very interested to try your product first. I'm very impress by the functionnality of your product. - Mike, Montréal, Canada

  193. Many thanks for what you have done, I am impressed with your "Customer Support" activity, it's really appreciated. - Maurice, South Someset, UK

  194. Let me be the first to say that the new config panel is a stroke of genious. - Lars, Copenhagen, Denmark

  195. What you have provided to the sim community is what I consider to be a MAJOR advancement to the 'default' FSX system...so much so, that I feel lost without it. Adam - kitchener, ON, Canada1

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